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We are a boutique law firm, and our base is in Amsterdam. Our team of experienced lawyers assists businesses, investors and entrepreneurs. We combine our fine expertise with a tenacious approach, and our boutique set-up characterizes our firm and its personal nature. It all helps us to bring assist our clients in the best possible way.

We have extensive international experience: over half our clients are foreign companies or the Dutch subsidiaries of foreign enterprises. Our lawyers are in daily contact with executives and attorneys outside the Netherlands and throughout the world.

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Our expert:

Maarten van Buuren

Maarten has been a (trial) lawyer since 1995, an experienced corporate litigation lawyer, a creative thinker, and legal advisor. He joined WLP-Law in 2013 and provides advice and represents clients in litigation, with a broad expertise in commercial contracts and corporate law. Maarten has been appointed as a non-executive director (supervisory board member) at Portwise (Rijswijk/The Hague).

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Nowadays, tax legislation and regulations are changing more rapidly than you can imagine. Increasingly more measures are being put in place to oppose tax avoidance and improve fiscal transparency.

The challenge for your company is to keep on top of these developments and implement the impact they might have on your business. Whatever your tax issue, our comprehensive tax practice will provide you with pragmatic, tailored, and hands-on assistance, whilst allowing for the desired degree of certainty of your tax position, and your need to be transparent. We assist in careful tax planning, which is critical for your business success.

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Our expert:

Richard Smeding

Richard is co-founder of WLP-Law and has worked as a tax lawyer since 1994. First with a large accounting firm for which he also worked in London for several years and then with an American law firm where he became a partner in 2005. Richard is a practical and committed advisor, who likes to think broadly with clients, using his extensive experience and network.

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The WLP-Law Compliance Team is specialized in Compliance Services, and can assist you at every level.

Compliance is an important part of modern business due to the increased number of regulatory demands and requirements, as well as the public attention to the integrity of businesses in general. Oversights in compliance can cause a great deal of material and reputational damage to any company, from a small family business to a multinational corporation.

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Our expert:

Yorick van Benten

Yorick works as a lawyer at WLP-Law and is a corporate law attorney at heart. He advises and negotiates on (international) mergers and acquisitions, shareholder agreements, and legal entity structures.

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Our notarial team works closely with our firm’s attorneys and tax lawyers. It is complementary to them in many aspects, as pursuant to Dutch law certain legal services should be executed by a civil law notary. This applies for, amongst others, the incorporation of legal entities (BV, NV, Cooperatie, Stichting), the transfer of real estate, the transfer of shares and the issuance of new shares, executing legal mergers and legal demergers.

The notarial team advises our international and national clients also on restructurings, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, joint ventures, banking & finance, capital market transactions, venture capital and private equity transactions, as well as (commercial) real estate transactions.

Due to the way our firm is set up, we are accessible, and can assure you a genuine personal approach.

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Our expert:

Paul Westhoff

Paul advises (international) clients on corporate structures and reorganizations, capital market transactions, (international) mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, venture capital transactions, joint ventures and banking & finance transactions. Paul furthermore provides general corporate law services such as the incorporation of private and public companies, transfer and issuance of registered shares. In addition Paul provides services in connection with real property transactions.

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Our partners

actively participate in files

Our partners are involved in the work we do. They are an integral part of the team; they provide guidance and assistance to our clients.